CN Barcelona

Schedule May, June, July and August 2019


Description of Levels

 Intro and Beginner Classes.
Meant for people that are just starting Beach Volleyball and those who must first improve their physical condition in the sand. We work on basic elements such as ball control, court awareness, basic playing and adapting to different situations.

The session is structured in the following format:
One hour of exercises with the ball and 30' dedicated to play in groups  of 3x3 or in a reduced size court with 2x2.

Intermediate and Advanced Classes.
Meant for people with experience playing and competing in Beach Volleyball who want to train and improve their technique and tactics. These  specific trainings are run by professionals with lots of experience in this sport.

You can join individually or with your playing partner, if you want a more specified focus.

The session is structured with the following format:
the first hour is composed of technical exercises with lots of physical conditioning plus 30 ' at the end dedicated to situational and game-like play.