The club


The Barcelona Beach Club has an objective of promoting, teaching and practicing beach sports, as well as having fun through sporting events. In order to improve the quality of life of people, the club integrates a holistic educational  approach that includes a unique developmental training of adults that comes directly from the hands of physical activity professionals. Through its solidarity projects, the Barcelona Beach Club is committed to work actively in order to assist and better the educational conditions of those that most need it. 



The Barcelona Beach Club fosters the practice of sport in the following ways:

  • Educational Value
    Sport as a way to overcome challenges and work as a team, while also contributing to the formation and development of people.

  • Sustainable Value
    Sport as a tool for us to respect and take care of our beaches as well as the people that reside in the coastal areas that we operate in.

  • Health Value

Sport as an activity that promotes good health and quality of life of people... with a healthy lifestyle. 




Born in 2005 the Barcelona Beach Club was the first sports club fully dedicated to the training and teaching of beach volleyball to adults in all of Spain. Our vision was, and continues to be today, to establish a beach club for people of any nationality, sex and physical condition. The project has a common nexus on wanting to enjoy physical activity by the sea while also being in contact with other people.

In the hands of great professionals, our members partake in physical activity in a unique space dedicated to health, sustainability and coexistence.

The board of directors of the Barcelona Beach Club

The actual members of the board of directors are:

  • Susana Vega – President

  • Carlos las Heras – Vicepresident

  • Mireya Martinez – Secretary and solidarity project lead