BCN Beach Club Youth

Beach Volleyball school for youth aged 8 to 16 years old 


INEF Barcelona
Pack 1 Sep/Nov
Pack 2 Jan/Mar
Pack 3 Apr/June

The youth program is designed to introduce beach volleyball and develop our youth players. We work all year round in the sand.

Run by two great coaches in our club and also in collaboration with interns from INEF Barcelona, this permanent technical youth program is unique to the city of Barcelona and is aimed to help create great future players. We want to improve the youth with their techniques and also give them essential physical and psychological development in our sport. 

The youth program offers the option to affiliate with the club as a member of our Beach Club, while also processing the federative license that allows the player to participate in youth competitions within the Catulunya Beach Volleyball Championships.

The program starts in September along with the academic school year. In December we have a break of one month and we begin again after King's Day in January. In addition, the trainings continue until the month of June when we receive a huge number of youth players in our SUMMER YOUTH CAMP. This intensive course, operates from 9 to 13:00 from Monday to Thursday and the youth can also take the opportunity to play in many beach volleyball tournaments that happen on the weekends in the summer. 

Youth players can sign up in whichever quarter as long as there are available spots. It would be ideal to start in September or July to be able to play at the same pace and rhythm as the others in the group.


Quarterly (2 weekly trainings): 150€

Youth Beach Camp July 2019: (16 hours weekly): 200€

Dates 2019:

- From July 1 to 5

- From July 22 to 26