Beach Volley for people with physical disabilities

It is a pleasure to present our training section for athletes with physical disabilities that can and want to play Beach Volley standing up. With the intention of participating in national and international competitions, the Barcelona Beach Club wants to offer a training space for disabled people who are interested in becoming a part of this project.

Our ambassador and inspiration that made this page a possibility is the marvelous player, Sandra Sánchez.




Standing Beach Volleyball is an official discipline, a variation of ParaVolley. Although still not a Paralympic program, since 2007 national and international competitions have been organized. The first World Championship was organized in 2014 in Adelaide, Australia.

The rules of the game, measurements of the court and height of the net are exactly the same as the FIVB's standards, with the only exception in that the teams are made up of 3 players and the downtime between points is longer to favor the adjustments or changes, if needed, of the prosthesis. As in other Paralympic sports, the players on a team classify according to disability level (A,B and C).

We are very interested in creating a team of disabled people who want to learn and have fun playing volleyball. If you know someone who could be interested, don't hesitate in contacting us.


Sandra Sánchez

Athlete and leader of project


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